Some interesting discussion going on over on the ALA Council email list. Raise your hand if you don’t know what Council is….

Ah, I thought so.

Council is one of the ALA über-committees, responsible for policy and governance for the entire association. Think of it like Congress…there are elected representatives from every chapter, division, round table, and whatnot. I’m an at-large Councilor, nearing the end of my three year term. Not much YALSA representation on Council at the moment, so you should think about running.

At the moment, Councilors are discussing ALA Connect on the listserv. Some are trying it out, posting discussions there. Some contend that it’s better to keep discussion all in one place, rather than scattered around in a bunch of places where you have to go look for it.

I have my own opinions. Rather strong ones, as a matter of fact, which is why I’m not replying to the Council list right now. I think I would find it hard to use my “inside voice.”

Instead, I’m throwing it out to you. Is it really possible to keep conversations in one place anymore? There are advantages to every approach, but do some advantages trump others? Do you think this is an example of information overload…too much scattered too far for anyone to keep up with? What is our professional obligation to try new things, keep up with library news, and participate in a variety of forums?

You can read the Council email archives here.

One Thought on “Council & ALA Connect

  1. Kelly on May 10, 2009 at 6:46 pm said:

    I think it’s pretty difficult to try and keep information in one place. I think it also kills the serendipitous interactions that can occur when information is more spread out. I like the functionality of ALA Connect but I doubt it’ll be my only way of connecting with the organization and members throughout. It’s another tool to use.

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