Ellie has wondered for two years about her older sister Nina, who disappeared randomly one day. Everyone thinks Nina just ran away, but Ellie decides to look for Nina, since no one else will. Her search leads her to Sean, who empathizes over the loss of a sibling. Together, they begin a cross-country hunt for Nina, tracing credit card slips and phone numbers, hoping to discover who Nina really was.

Even though we aren’t usually fans of mystery books, it was interesting how we learned the clues surrounding Nina’s disappearance at the same time as the characters. This made us feel more involved in the story, instead of being bystanders. We also really liked the twist; how the ending is a complete opposite from what we expected.

– cowritten by Celia and Demica, members of the Oh My Teen Book Group (Trails Teens),’¬†Independence, MO

One Thought on “Teens Top Ten Nominees: Wherever Nina Lies

  1. Kathryn Major on June 4, 2009 at 10:18 am said:

    This sounds kind of like Paper Towns, by John Green.

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