Yesterday I, along with my fellow task force members, presented our final proposal to the YALSA board. Over the last year, the YALSA-TV Task force has been charged with finding a way to host a video site with books as the star.

Here’s what we proposed: that a sister site to this very blog be created with a focus on books. We’d highlight awards and selection lists, and create booklists based on librarians’ suggestions. But even more exciting to me is that we would gather book videos from other places such as YouTube and Teacher Tube, and get book trailers directly from publishers. Other book-related videos too: everything from award ceremonies to your local Battle of the Books competition. Imagine, a definitive source for finding all you need about books — and it’s sponsored by YALSA!

So, the Board approved the proposal, with some minor changes. And here’s something you all can help with: we need a name. A really great name that encapsulates everything I’ve said here. Someplace librarians and teens would want to visit, contribute to, and refer to their friends.

Any ideas?

About Connie Urquhart

I'm the Teen Services Coordinator at Fresno County Public Library in Fresno, California. With YALSA, I've worked on the Web Advisory Committee and am current chair of the TV Task Force. I <3 Twitter.

2 Thoughts on “YALSA-BK + Book-TV = YALSA’s new venture

  1. sarah on July 13, 2009 at 8:21 am said:

    congrats on getting approval!!

  2. very cool idea – thanks so much! I love the idea of pulling together video resources like book trailers, author readings, etc. You Tube videos are easy for others to imbed in blogs. Can you try to get the publishers to also have the code available so others can see the videos on the YALSA site and then embed them in their blogs or sites? It’s much easier to embed videos, rather than asking viewers to keep jumping to new sites to see videos.

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