After all the build-up and excitement of the 2009 American Library Association Annual Conference in Chicago, it’s now over. Attendees are heading back to their respective positions to implement new new programs, develop new strategies, and apply new techniques to the field. And, of course, share all the exciting news with colleagues.

But what if you’ve forgotten that pithy quote, the moment of wit, the sharp phrase? Well, thanks to Twitter and hashtags, you can quickly search for your favorite ALA moments.

The official YALSA hashtag for Annual 09 is #yalsaac09, so head over to, sign in, and start searching with that one. Then it’s time to start with the other variations, #yalsa, #ala2009, #yalsa09, #yalsaprez, and #printz. If you’ve been curious about the BBYA discussion, a quick search for #BBYA will bring up those threads of discussion. If, like me, you love Neil Gaiman, but weren’t able to make it to the Newbery Award event, you can get some amazing quotes and fan gushing through #newbery, and #neilgaiman.

The amazing thing about hashtags is that even though there are the standardized ones, people are free to add their own ways of classifying things. What are some of the ones that you used this conference, and what might you suggest for Midwinter?

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I'm a YALSA Past President. I blog about YA programming, technology instruction for people interested in teen services, and YALSA governance stuff. I like baking and dislike humidity.

One Thought on “And now it’s over

  1. I was also following some of the #aasl and #freethestandards hubbub, which I would certainly recommend for other YALSA tweeps.

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