It’s that time of year again!
The teens are gearing up for back to school and YALSA is gearing up for a new round of committee appointments. As YALSA’s new President-Elect, one of my duties is to appoint people to YALSA committees. This is a huge process that I am just beginning to get a grasp on. Thankfully I have great predecessors who have shared much appreciated helpful advice to smooth my way as I begin by making Selection’ Committee appointments. These will be made by October 30, 2009.
While I continue to fit the pieces together and make my lists and check them twice’ there are a few steps that YOU should take if you are a member interested in’ serving on a committee:’ First, please remember that I can’t consider you for a committee appointment unless you have filled out a volunteer form. Even if you are already ON a selection’ committee, if you are eligible to serve another term you MUST fill out a new’ volunteer form. If you aren’t sure, just fill it out anyway.’ 

This year there are TWO volunteer forms, one form to fill out if you are interested’ in serving on a selection committee and one form to fill out if you are interested’ in serving on a process committee. If you don’t have a preference, please fill out’ both forms. Both volunteer forms can be found at here.

Selection committee appointments are made in October each year by the YALSA’ president-elect. In order to be eligible to serve on a selection committee, please’ complete this form by no later than Sept. 30. Please be aware that selection’ committees carry a high work load. If you are not sure you can commit to the time’ required, please visit the YALSA Get Involved site for more info.’ And lastly, while we are all great at multi-tasking and juggling many different duties, YALSA has a rule that a member may only serve on three committees at atime. Also, if you are serving on an award committee (Printz, Edwards, Newbery,’ Caldecott, etc.) ‘ you will not be able to serve on a selection committee at the same’ time.’ Thank you to all of our hardworking volunteers!’ If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at’

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