Beginning October 5, 2009, YALSA will offer an online course’ aimed at’  those who are working with tweens and young teens.’  There have been a few requests for more information about the course and its requirements.’ ‘  I am including here some basic information about the various activities and exercises.’ ‘ ‘  All the materials for the course will be available at the class wiki.


OBJECTIVES’  The participant will:


  1. Describe the developmental needs of the tween including physical, intellectual, moral, and social aspects;
  2. Discuss how librarians can meets the developmental needs of tweens;
  3. Identify books and related materials that are developmentally appropriate for tweens;
  4. Develop resources for use with tweens; and
  5. Share ideas for working effectively with tweens.


Basic Course Requirements

  • Reading:’  there will be weekly readings of articles about tweens as well as some reading of tween books
  • Writing: there will be requests to annotate reading of tween books and to respond in writing to articles about tweens
  • Discussion: there will be weekly forums for discussion of topics posted.

Additionally, there will be opportunities for those who wish to explore an issue or topic more deeply to do further reading and reflecting.


All readings will be posted to the wiki.’  Alternatives to assignments are welcomed.’  Optional activities and exercises for those wishing to go beyond the course will be provided.

About Teri Lesesne

I am a professor of YA lit in the department of library science at SHSU in Texas. I am an active YALSA member, an author of two professional books, a blogger, and a grandmother of 6. I am on the Printz 2010 Committee and the YALS Editorial Board currently. I have also served on the QP, Edwards, and Odyssey Committees.

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