Just years ago the Library 2.0 concept rocketed to fame, with libraries across the country adopting user-center practices, policies and content. Library 2.0 encourages libraries to constantly update their services and content to best serve their users. The need to keep services, convenient and user-centered is especially important in teen services where our users are constantly changing themselves. This asks teen librarians to constantly rethink their collection and services, not an easy task.

If you are ready to leap ahead with the next incarnation of library services to teens join us for Libraries 3.0: Teen Edition Institute in Boston. Registration for the institute opens today, October 1st. Participants will hear a speech from teen author and technology blogger Cory Doctorow (via Skype), as well as a thought provoking keynote speech by acting California State Librarian and futurist, Stacey Aldrich. Join in the discussion with librarians Laura Pearle, Wendy Stephens, and Buffy Hamilton as they present “Flip This Library” and rethink your library’s space and services for teens.

To get inspired for Libraries 3.0: Teen Edition and start thinking about just how fast the world is changing watch the video below. “Did You Know” is the newest video from the “Shift Happens” project. Come to Libraries 3.0: Teen Edition and help your library stay relevant to teens in a world that is constantly changing, getting faster and more mobile.

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