Recently, two ALA projects have come to my attention that could be perfect for some YALSA blog readers.

  • Do You ALA? is a project of the Young Librarians Task Force of ALA. The group is asking young librarians to create videos that answer the questions do you belong to ALA, if so why, and if not why not? If you are a member of ALA and YALSA why not produce a video that explains what you value in those memberships? If you do not belong to either, a video on your reasons for not joining would also be useful to the young librarians group.

  • A couple of weeks ago, ALA President, Camila Alire asked ALA Divisions to submit names to her for possible inclusion in a new ALA member group that will focus on the impact of the Google book settlement on libraries and librarians. Division leaders need to submit names to Camila by the end of this month and YALSA would like to submit a couple of names for consideration. As teens are consumers of digital media it could be important for YALSA to participate in this discussion. While not every name nominated will be selected for the group, it would be good to put forward a couple of names for possible appointment. Google Book group members will be involved in regular telephone conference calls, as well as face to face meetings at the 2010 Midwinter Meeting and the 2010 Annual Conference. If you know someone who might be a good match for this work, please send me an email by Monday, October 26, and I will follow-up with details about information needed for the submission to Camila. You can email me at

About Linda W Braun

Linda W Braun is a YALSA Past President, the YALSA CE Consultant, and a learning consultant/project management coordinator at LEO: Librarians & Educators Online.

2 Thoughts on “Help: We Need Somebodies

  1. Julie K on October 20, 2009 at 8:35 pm said:

    Is there a deadline for the video response and where would we submit the video? Thanks!

  2. If you go to the project YouTube page there is a link to submit a video. The page is at I haven’t seen a deadline for the project.

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