While reviewing the responses to YALSA’s Future Topics 2009 survey, the Program Clearinghouse Committee noted the many questions about ticketed conference events. There were many questions about what the ticket price paid for (i.e. did the ticket price only cover food). The answer is that your ticket money goes directly to YALSA. YALSA gets 26% of its revenue from ticketed conference events.

One Thought on “YALSA Ticketed Events at Conferences

  1. Thanks to the Program Clearinghouse Committee for providing this information on one of YALSA’s revenue sources. I wanted to add a couple of details to the post so readers would have more information on the topic of YALSA and it’s revenue streams.

    YALSA receives revenue from continuing education, dues, ticketed events at conferences, products such as award seals (which are sold in bulk) and Teen Read and Teen Tech Week merchandise, and sponsorships and donations. That revenue of course goes back to members through the programs and services the Association sponsors. A tithe is paid to ALA for things like events at conferences and meetings. YALSA is always looking at how to guarantee the Association’s fiscal health while making sure to provide members with the services needed.

    You can learn more about YALSA’s finances in a podcast with the Association’s Fiscal Officer, Mary Hastler http://tinyurl.com/c3ng9g.

    Linda W. Braun
    YALSA President

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