In a previous post I wrote about ALA/YALSA Fall Exec, the time when the Executive Committees from ALA Divisions meet (individually) to plan for the upcoming months and year. Last weekend was the 2009 Fall Exec weekend and I wanted to follow-up the previous blog post with some information about discussions and plans. (As a reminder, all of the documents for Fall Exec are available to YALSA members in the Members Only section of the Association web site.)

  • It’s been five years since YALSA began using interest from the Morris Endowment and now it is time to evaluate use of the funds. I have appointed Mary Hastler, YALSA’s Fiscal Officer, to Chair an Ad Hoc Committee of the Board to take on the evaluation and present a report to the YALSA Board at Midwinter 2010.
  • Taking into account feedback from YALSA membership and the YALSA Board, the Executive Committee agreed to work on a selected lists proposal that will narrow the focus of the Best Books for Young Adults list and expand other lists (such as the Alex Awards list.) The goals of this narrowing and expansion are 1) to help make sure the work of the list committees is manageable 2) to make sure that YALSA’s lists serve the needs of its members, and 3) to make it possible for YALSA to brand their lists and develop a full portfolio of best lists for a variety of formats and audiences. The draft proposal, which will frame the issues and provide solutions, is being developed by myself and Francisca Goldsmith and will be ready for Board feedback by November 15.
  • YALSA leadership realizes that many librarians are struggling financially as a result of the current economic downturn. During last weekend’s meetings, the Executive Committee discussed ways that YALSA can help and recognize members at this time. Now the YALSA Board is being asked to brainstorm strategies and techniques that YALSA can undertake in order to support members successfully at this time. In the next few months look for the results of that brainstorming in the programs, services, and opportunities that YALSA provides.
  • YALSA leadership is also always looking for ways to provide member groups with the support they need in order to be effective in their work. To this end, the Executive Committee discussed providing leadership training and support for interest and discussion group conveners, and how to best use the time set aside for leadership development at Midwinter. The decisions and plans made during this discussion will be visible during YALSA’s Leadership Development session at Midwinter and via new virtual training that will be offered to interest and discussion group conveners.

This list covers just a few of the discussions the Executive Committee had during last weekend’s Fall Executive meetings. Over the next few months the YALSA Board will continue the work and you will start seeing outcomes of that work in YALSA’s programs, products, opportunities, and services.

Stay tuned.

About Linda W Braun

Linda W Braun is a YALSA Past President, the YALSA CE Consultant, and a learning consultant/project management coordinator at LEO: Librarians & Educators Online.

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