In eight weeks I’ll be in Boston for Midwinter 2010. I’m arriving early to go to ALISE (The Association for Library and Information Science Education) which this year includes a YALSA Happy Hour on Tuesday evening January 12, and a YALSA Booth throughout the ALISE conference. Along with getting ready for ALISE activities, I’m also spending time preparing for YALSA Board discussions that will take place in Boston. Board members are now looking over the draft agenda for these meetings and providing feedback on plans for discussions. Topics up for discussion include:

  • ALA Committee Participation Policy Change – Recently ALA changed the rules regarding the number of virtual members that could be appointed to Division committees. Previously, YALSA was limited to having 1/3 of the members of any committees, that allowed for virtual participation, to be virtual. With the new ALA policies on virtual committee member participation, there is no limit on the number of virtual members that can be a part of a committee. There is also now the possibility for some committees to be made entirely virtual. The YALSA Board has already begun discussing this topic and what it means to the Association’s committee structure. At Midwinter a proposal on how to proceed with YALSA virtual committee participation will be presented to the Board, discussed, and voted on.
  • Selected List Portfolio Proposal – Over the past few months the YALSA Executive Committee, with feedback from Board members and Association members, has been working to develop a selected lists proposal. The proposal looks at guaranteeing that needs of members are served through YALSA’s portfolio of lists and awards. At Midwinter 2010, Board members will discuss the completed proposal which includes making structural changes to some of YALSA’s current lists and provides a framework for marketing the lists successfully.
  • YALSA Competencies Task Force Recommendations – A Task Force, Chaired by Sarah Flowers, is currently reviewing YALSA’s competencies for teen librarians – Young Adults Deserve the Best – and developing a revised document that will be presented to the Board at Midwinter. The Task Force is looking at the overall content of the current document along with its language and audience and purpose.
  • Readers Choice List Proposal – At Annual Conference 2009, the YALSA Board approved development of a new YALSA project, the Readers Choice List. This list will provide YALSA members with a virtual opportunity for selecting the best books each year. For the past several months a Task Force, Chaired by Sarah Ludwig, has been working on a proposal which outlines how this list will be implemented. The Board will discuss the proposal during Midwinter and make decisions on how to proceed with the project.

These are just a few of the topics that the YALSA Board will discuss during Midwinter Meeting. In early January, a full Board agenda, along with related documents, will be available on the Member’s Only section of the YALSA web site. Times of the Board meetings are already available on the YALSA wiki.

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Linda W Braun is a YALSA Past President, the YALSA CE Consultant, and a learning consultant/project management coordinator at LEO: Librarians & Educators Online.

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