My first ALA conference was last year’s annual in Chicago and I was hooked.’  I wish I could attend every ALA conference, but for this year’s Midwinter in Boston attendance just wasn’t possible.’  Luckily technology helped me experience’ Midwinter vicariously through those who were there.’ 

I’ve never been a big fan of Twitter, but after Midwinter, I think I’m addicted.’  I couldn’t get enough of following Midwinter attendees and reading their tweets about sessions they’d attended and what ARCs everyone was eager to get their hands on.’  I even woke up early (and on my day off!) to watch the live Twitter feed of the ALA Youth Media Awards.’  Reading everyone’s reactions and being able to chime in my own at the same time was the next best thing to being there.’ 

I kept up with the YALSA blog and was incredibly grateful for the video and Twitter feed from the BBYA session.’  I was still able to get the teen’s feedback and added many books to my library order list as well as my own “to be read” pile.’ 

I also read many blogs from librarians that were in attendance and made a giant wish list for the library’ from their Midwinter ARC posts.’  I’ might be a little sad I didn’t get my hands on some of those’ ARCs, but seeing their lists gave me a great heads up of what I need to be on the lookout for.’  ‘ 

Even though I would have loved to be there in Boston, keeping up with the events via Twitter and various blogs helped me feel like I wasn’t missing out.

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