It seems like we’ve hardly finished up with Midwinter and it’s already time to start thinking more in detail about Annual in D.C. One opportunity is with the ALA Games and Gaming Member Interest Group which has put a call out for volunteers for Open Gaming Night.

Liz Danforth, blogger for Library Journal’s Games, Gamers, and Gaming column posted a response in 2009 to this Tweet based on last year’s Open Gaming Night at conference, “Why are all these people still attending gaming programming here at ALA? If you haven’t figured out how to run a gaming program yet, give it up.”

As you’ll read from her response, there’s still a lot to learn at these events! For those that were able to attend YALSA’s Gaming, Gadgets, and Gurus successful event at Midwinter (similar to ALA’s Gaming Night but not exactly), you can probably attest to what a great program it was.

At this year’s ALA Gaming Night, to be held on Friday, June 25, there are a lot of opportunities to volunteer. The plan is to have gaming vendors and even a poster session for people to share what it is they are doing with gaming at their library.

For more information and to ‘sign up’ check out the Games and Gaming Member Interest Group on ALA Connect.

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Kelly Czarnecki is a Teen Librarian at ImaginOn with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. She is a member of the YALSA blog advisory board.

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