Did you know that there are two major letters circulating around Congress today that will have a direct impact on libraries? Did you also know that our representatives only have until tomorrow to be informed of these letters and get their signatures on them to support library legislation? This means, we must act now!

What are these letters about?

Letter #1:’  Congress is working on the 2011 fiscal year budget.’  And, after the last year, we know it is more important than ever for our voices to be heard. We need Congress to provide’ $300 million in funding’ for the Library Services and Technology Act or LSTA.’  This is the federal funding that supports libraries and is our only source of support. Libraries cannot continue to function without money, especially with the rate of our state and local cuts.’  We need to have funding.

Letter #2:’  Congress needs to hear from their constituents about how important school libraries are today.’  The House of Representatives Appropriations Committee is considering appropriating $100 million for Improving Literacy Through School Libraries.

Please contact your congressional representatives today and let them know that you support these initiatives and so should they.’  Ask them to put their names on the funding for LSTA and for Improving Literacy Through School Libraries.

You only have one day to act, so act NOW!

To take action, please take the following steps:

1.’  Please go to http://capwiz.com/ala/ or click on the “Take Action!” button in the upper right hand corner of this e-mail.

2.’  Customize the sample letter as you see fit – remember, a personal story on how your library uses LSTA and ILTSL funding to benefit their constituents is VERY effective.
3.’  Enter your contact information.
4.’  Press Send.
5.’  If you would prefer to telephone your representative’s office, please call the Capitol switchboard at 202.224.3121 and ask for your representative.’  The switchboard will transfer you to their office.’  If you need to locate your members of Congress, go to http://capwiz.com/ala/.

About Krista McKenzie

I am a Children's Specialist at the Ruth Enlow Library in Garrett County, Maryland. I work with kids from the ages of 0 to 18 and am also a reference librarian. In addition, I am member of the YALSA Legislative Committee, and the Children's Services Division of the Maryland Library Association.

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