The Partnerships Advocating for Teens Interest Group is affectionately referred to as PAT.’ ‘  The goal of PAT is to “explore, recommend, initiate and implement ways of working with other organizations that work for youth. “

If you’re asking yourself why do partnerships matter?’  Consider some of the potential benefits of partnering with outside organizations.’  Partnerships can:

  • Provide a way to share resources and publicity efforts in a time of reduced funding
  • Help each organization work to achieve a common goal or realize a common vision
  • Help each organization be more effective
  • Reap mutually beneficial rewards and credibility
  • Help you gain additional funding sources
  • Provide an opportunity to reach a new audience of teens
  • Lead to other new, exciting and successful partnerships
  • Offer a way of garnering new skills, competencies, and awareness as a result of working with each other

Intriguing, yes?’  For a wonderful overview of’  the research involving libraries and partnerships for youth, check out the literature review that Vikki Terrile, a member of PAT, has created here.

We meet on ALA Connect once a month for “Pat Chats” to discuss these ideas and more.’  We are excited about producing a definitive resource for those librarians wishing to forage partnerships with outside organizations – a place for inspiration, examples and other resources.’  If you’d like to get involved, join our Interest Group!’  Find us on ALA Connect under the group “YALSA Partnerships Advocating for Teens,” or just click here.’  Next Pat Chat is on April 22 at 10AM CST. And don’t forget that elections are happening in May and our Interest Group will be looking for a Convener!

About Partnerships Advocating for Teens

The purpose of this YALSA Committee is to explore, recommend, initiate, and implement ways of working with other organizations that work for youth.

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