Do you have a fondness for James Bond or Jason Bourne?’  If so, you do not want to miss exploring the International Spy Museum while you are in Washington D.C. for Annual this year!

The International Spy Museum is designed to appeal to both older children and adults.’  As you wander through the museum, you’ll’  learn about the history of spying and the many ways it’s been accomplished over the years.’  Could Moses have been a spy?’  The museum covers spying as far back as the Greeks, and moves up to modern day spying and the technology used.’  The gadgets are a lot of fun to look at, and includes such innovations as a lipstick gun, invisible ink, and buttonhole cameras.’  Using film, audio, and other methods, first hand accounts are included throughout so visitors can learn about real events, and maybe even get a glimpse at what might motivate a person to become a spy.’  Interactive exhibits let the visitors get an idea of whether they might make a good spy…or not!

My personal favorite part of the museum was a room devoted to animals who have worked for spies.’  Pictures taken using cameras attached to trained pigeons were amazing.’  If you cannot visit the museum but want to learn more about animal spies, check out the book The Cold War Pigeon Patrols and Other Animal Spies by Danielle Denega.

The International Spy Museum is privately owned and operated, so adult admission is $18.00.’  The museum also has a few special attractions for an extra fee.’  More information can be found at the museum’s website.

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