This week YALSA Board members are writing about their experience serving on the Board. This post is one in that series.

The Fiscal Officer is elected for a three year term. A three year term is just right as I wrap up the second year of my three year term as Fiscal Officer. The first year provides an opportunity to experience and become familiar with the responsibilities of the position, the second and third years are all about implementation. The Fiscal Officer is a member of the Executive Board as well as a voting member on the YALSA Board.

The Fiscal Officer is responsible for reviewing the financial reports as prepared by the YALSA Executive Director and prepares a yearly financial update for the YALSA Board meeting at Annual. The YALSA staff provides wonderful support for this position. The YALSA Fiscal Officer also represents YALSA financial interests at ALA Budget and Finance meetings during Midwinter and Annual meetings.

To be successful in this position it would be helpful to have some knowledge and understanding of budgets and attention to detail. A healthy curiosity also helps in learning how the finances of YALSA and ALA relate. This is a fun position and a great opportunity to develop your skills in budgeting, Board relations and communicating effectively. All of which are definitely transferable to your job.

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