The Smithsonian Institution is affectionately called “Our Nation’s Attic” and it certainly earns that title.’  The Smithsonian is made up of several different museums, each holding unique treasures.

Want to see Kermit the Frog, Jerry Seinfeld’s puffy shirt, the Star Spangled Banner, or an Inauguration gown worn by a First Lady?’  Drop by the National Museum of American History.’  This museum has undergone a big face lift, so even if you have been here before, it is worth seeing again.

At the National Portrait Gallery you can see Elvis, our Presidents, and many other faces – famous and not.

While the National Zoo recently said good-bye to the adorable panda Tai Shan so he could find a girlfriend in China, there are many other animals you can see at the Zoo.’  If you need proof, drop by their website and check out one of the many animal cams they feature.

The Hirshhorn is THE place for modern and contemporary art, and the Sculpture Garden holds so much inspiration, at least one couple I know got engaged there.

The Air and Space Museum has so many aviation and space related exhibits worth seeing, they have two buildings – one in D.C. and one out in Virginia near the Dulles Airport.’  This tends to be a favorite with children, teens, and anyone who dreams big, so if you are coming to Annual with family, everyone is bound to enjoy either or both museums.

The Museum of Natural History allows visitors to see the big (dinosaur bones) and the dangerous (the Hope Diamond – rumored to be cursed).

This is just a fraction of what the Smithsonian has to offer.’  There are many more museums devoted to art, cultural heritage, and even the Postal Service that can be found on the Smithsonian website.’  Admission to the museums is free (although they will get you for parking or a bus ride if you wish to see the Dulles branch of the Air and Space).’  More information can be found on their website.

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