Just a quick note from your, of late, comics obsessed blogger, that the eighth annual Free Comic Book Day is taking place this Saturday May 1st.

Free Comic Book Day offers publishers a chance to give comic readers a taste of new material, and to remind them of all of the great stories comic book shops have to offer.’  Readers get to pick up special compilations and titles made specifically for the day.’  Publisher’s Weekly says this about it.

Here’s a review of the titles that will be available.’  I’m excited because Oni Press, publisher of such things as Scott Pilgrim, will have an offering available.’  There also looks like there are various things that are either geared toward teens, or that teens would gravitate to and enjoy.

So why am I blogging this on a library blog? Don’t we give our patrons free comics every day? Well, yeah,’  but I think we should be supportive of anything that is raising awareness and excitement about reading and great storytelling.

What else could we do? Libraries could partner with their favorite comics shops for the occasion and prominently point the way with a poster and a recommendation. (If you’re in Massachusetts, I will here declare that I like to buy comics at Modern Myths in Northampton)’  Or celebrate the fact that we do offer free comics every day with a graphic novel display or a panel discussion or a manga drawing workshop.

Short notice for this year? Yes, it probably is.’  But keep it in mind for next year and tell your teens to head for the comic shop this Saturday!

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