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Team U from the Emerging Leaders program is working on a project for YALSA to develop a job shadowing initiative for teens to promote teen librarianship (in school or public settings). Because of Skype and other wonderful technologies we can cheaply connect teens who cannot participate in in-person job shadowing to fabulous practicing librarians. We are working on a video that will be about a half hour long to show teens before they attend a Skype or video conference with a librarian. It would be a busting-myths-about-librarians-look at the activities of librarians who work with teens.

Are you willing to grab a video camera and get one of your kids/co-workers/significant other to film you showing us what your job is *really* like in a way that would appeal to teens and bust those bun-cat-shushing myths? Or do you already have something we could cull from (maybe on YouTube or something your TAB created)? Even 60 seconds worth of footage that shows teens what librarians really do on the job is appreciated and needed!

We will accept footage of any length. Please know we will be editing for time and relevance, but respecting content and context. We prefer AVI or MP3 or MP4 format, please.

We do not need anything slick & professional, already-edited or perfect. We are including statements from YA authors telling teens what is so great about libraries/librarians. Authors like Sydney Salter and LK Madigan have already given us footage taped from their Macs to use.

This is a great opportunity for you to promote the cool programs and other activities you do in your library. All participants and their libraries will be credited. And because we know we are asking you to do something during a busy time of year, the first five folks to send footage get a free signed book from Candlewick Press.

The rough draft will be shown at ALA Annual on June 25 from 3-5pm at the Emerging Leaders poster session. The aim is to create a final piece that can be used and posted on the YALSA web site.

Any questions/concerns/ideas? Email me!

Deadline for me to receive footage is JUNE 10. How can you give me footage?

1. Burn on a CD and send to: Lizz Zitron, Hedberg Library, Carthage College, Kenosha, WI 53140

2. Email to:

3. Put in an online dropbox (includes video tutorial for how to use.)

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