There are several Association activities scheduled for Annual Conference that new and not so new members and member leaders should definitely take note of. Here are a few not to miss:

  • YALSA Happy Hour: What better way to start Conference then by meeting YALSA people at a Happy Hour? The Happy Hour is scheduled for Friday, June 25, from 5 to 7 PM at the Old Dominion Brew House, just a short walk from the Convention Center. For those new to YALSA this is a good way to get to meet members and member leaders. You can talk with YALSA’s incoming President Elect, Sarah Flowers, about how to get involved in the work of YALSA’s member groups, network, and relax with a welcoming and friendly group of people.
  • Membership Meeting: Monday, June 28, at 1:30 PM at the Washington Convention Center Room 140 A/B is the time and place for YALSA’s annual Membership Meeting. This meeting is an excellent time for current members of YALSA, and those interested in getting involved in the Association, to learn more. This year one way members (and potential members) can learn about YALSA is via the question and answer portion of the meeting. Attendees will be able to ask questions during the session, but If you won’t be able to attend you can still submit questions by sending me an email at Along with the Q&A this year’s meeting also includes reports from the Association’s President and Executive Director, recognition of YALSA’s 2009-2010 award winers and new members, and Presentation of the Gavel to the Association’s incoming President, Kim Patton.
  • Using District Days & Other Events to Advocate for Teens & Libraries: Instead of the traditional President’s Program following YALSA’s Membership Meeting, this year the Association is sponsoring a special advocacy program. During this program attendees will learn how to advocate for teens and libraries by being a part of ALA’s Day on the Hill and YALSA’s District Days. The Day on the Hill is June 29th, and District Days can be held at libraries nationwide in August during the Congressional recess. A portion of the program will be set aside to give attendees time to make signs to bring with them to the Rally on the Hill. (By the way, this year YALSA’s President’s Program is going virtual. You’ll be able to take part in that program on the web later this month by visiting the 2010 YALSA President’s Program site.)
  • Leadership Development: Each Annual Conference, YALSA sponsors a Leadership Development session for those who are chairs of a Division member group and/or interested in leadership positions in YALSA. Over the past few years the YALSA Board has dedicated time to finding the best way to present these sessions in order to provide attendees with a useful experience. This year’s Leadership Development meeting will include time for chairs of YALSA member groups to discuss successes and challenges in their work and mini-training sessions on how the work in which YALSA’s member groups participate supports the Association’s strategic plan. Leadership Development is scheduled for Saturday, June 26, 8:00 to 10AM in room 207 A/B of the Washington Convention Center.
  • All Committee: Immediately following Leadership Development is YALSA’s meeting for member groups. At this meeting all of YALSA’s process committees, juries, advisory boards, and task forces meet to talk about their work. It can be a little overwhelming in this room, and it may seem like people sitting at tables in a grand ballroom all talking at once isn’t conducive to getting work done. But, actually, quite a bit gets accomplished at All Committee. Even if you aren’t part of a YALSA member group, All Committee is worth attending. It’s your chance to sit in on the discussions of these groups, learn more, and find out what you might want to be involved in.

I know that Annual Conference is a busy time for everyone – programs to go to, networking to accomplish, and meetings to attend. Anyone wanting to get more involved in YALSA, or continue their involvement, will want to add many of the above activities to their Annual schedule. A full list (in .pdf) of YALSA meetings, programs, and events is available.

About Linda W Braun

Linda W Braun is a YALSA Past President, the YALSA CE Consultant, and a learning consultant/project management coordinator at LEO: Librarians & Educators Online.

2 Thoughts on “Annual Here We Come: Part 2, Getting Involved

  1. I loved the post before Midwinter about Cliqueyness/Welcoming Group at and wanted to start that up again here – Happy Hour is a great networking event, and I wanted to remind newbies to not be shy – to start the conversation – and veterans to keep an eye out for newbies 🙂 I’ll be at Happy Hour and then going on to Open Gaming Night (at the Renaissance Hotel)

  2. I realized that one thing I forgot to add to this post is information about YALSA 101 on Friday at Annual. This is a great way for members to learn about the Association and how to get involved. You can read more about 101 in the post by the YALSA Division Membership and Promotion Committee.

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