Now that we’re done with ALA Annual (well, almost done—there are still those post-conference reports that committees need to send in), it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming year, which is my year as President-Elect. One of the exciting parts of being President-Elect is that I get to appoint people to YALSA’s committees. This summer and fall, I will be appointing people to next year’s selection committees. These are the committees that select titles for the YALSA lists such as Best Fiction, Quick Picks, Popular Paperbacks, Amazing Audiobooks, Fabulous Films, etc.

In the spring, I’ll make appointments for the process committees. These are the committees that help YALSA run smoothly day-by-day, week-by-week, and month-by-month and include Legislation, Research, Intellectual Freedom, Teen Tech Week, Teen Read Week, Web Advisory, and more.’ Award committee appointments will come after next spring’s election results.

You can see the full list of committees on the YALSA web site.
But right now, it’s time to gather names for the selection committees. Many of you spoke to me at Annual and gave me your business cards, or recommended other people for committees. That’s great, and I appreciate it. But what I really need now is for everyone who is interested in a selection committee to fill out a Selection Committee Volunteer Form.

Selection committees are the most work-intensive type of committee in YALSA. Before you agree to volunteer, please be sure you know what will be required of you if you are appointed. Visit for more information. Also don’t hesitate to ask a current selection committee member (their contact information can be found on YALSA’s Selection Lists Contacts page). And you can always feel free to email me with your questions.

Additionally, if you want to know more about the work of selection committees, YALSA’s monthly e-chat for August 4th will be an informational session for anyone who may be interested in serving on a 2012 selection committee. The chat will take place from 8-9PM, eastern. I will be on the chat, along with moderator Eva Volin, to answer any questions you might have about selection committees.

YALSA needs members who can put in the time and effort to keep things running smoothly. I’ve been on both process and selection committees myself, and I know that it can be a challenge to keep up with the work of the committee while doing a full-time job. But committee work is also extremely rewarding. You will make friends and have experiences that will stay with you forever.

About Sarah Flowers

Sarah Flowers is a YALSA Past President and former Deputy County Librarian for the Santa Clara County (CA) Library. Currently she does writing and speaking on topics related to teen services and teaches online courses for California's Infopeople Project.

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