Lately I’ve had a few computer malfunctions in my life. The laptop I used for work was stolen, and the hard drive on my computer at home had a crash that even spin rite couldn’t fix. I lost some documents I was currently working on, but thankfully I’d been saving most of my important documents to a shared work drive. Since these debacles I’ve been making sure I save in multiple places and even invested in a service called Mozy to back up my files at home.

I wanted to share with you what tools I’ve been using to help offset another computer disaster:

Dropbox – I’ve been saving any current documents I’m working on into the service Dropbox. I can access these files from any computer, and its allowed me to add project ideas to documents through my phone which I find very useful. I’ve also shared folders with my husband for home stuff and with my coworkers for projects we are currently working. Lastly I’ve put a copy of the staff directory so I have access to my coworkers phone numbers at home in case I need to call someone from home or when I’m at a school visit.
Evernote – I’ve been using this service to archive all my meeting notes and handouts. I can easily tag the documents and find them later if I need to reference any ideas discussed at a previous meeting. I’ve also found this helpful to store the emergency manual materials so I can have access to them on my phone or at home in case an emergency arises.
Screenshots – I”m a visual person, so after having to reset up my preferences on my computer I took a screen shot to help me “put things back” in case I have to reinstall my browser addons, favorite programs, or just want to remember what programs I have installed on my different computers
Mozilla Sync – This is an addon for the browser Mozilla, but its allowed my to keep all of my bookmarks the same for every browser I log into. – I’ve added this service to my bookmarks so I can send myself links for todos while I’m home, in a meeting, or just away from my desk.
Google Calendar Sync – When my laptop was stolen all the archived emails and calendar dates were lost. While not the most tragic thing, I lost some of the time lines for system wide projects I work on. After getting a new laptop, I set Outlook and Google to do a 2 way sync so I can save all my information online in Google.
Binders – I’ve also started a binder for each major project I work on that includes the information that anyone would need to know about the project in the event I’m on vacation or other employee takes lead of the project in the future.

What do you use to help keep yourself organized?

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One Thought on “Living in the Cloud

  1. Tracie on July 23, 2010 at 3:47 pm said:

    Great post! My computer was stolen and I lost the last two years of assignments I have completed for my Master’s degree. I lost tons of pictures too! Sadly, I had not backed up my files. Don’t let this happen to you!

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