At last, things are starting to settle down! As a school librarian the first month of school is the most chaotic and tiring of the whole year, well except maybe the last month. Getting the library set up – new books unpacked and shelved, posters hung, letters to parents and staff; the list goes on and on. The beginning of the year is always overwhelming; no matter how long you have been a librarian. For most of the country that beginning rush is starting to wane. For many of us, we rarely have time to collaborate with teachers, let alone other librarians.

That is why the 30 Days of Back to School posts have been so inspiring. I looked forward to reading the posts every day and every day I was amazed at what I was reading. As hectic as it has been, I felt renewed reading the posts and came across many great ideas to use.

When mk asked the Division & Membership Promotion Committee (DMP) to write a post for “30 days,” I wasn’t sure where to start. So many great things had been written about, I wasn’t sure that any of my ideas would compare. So instead, I write this post with my DMP hat on. I am sure that many of you have felt as encouraged/inspired/awed/ (insert your own adjective) as I have reading the “30 days” posts on the YALSA blog. If you have been, and you are a YALSA member, then thank you. If you aren’t, then now is your chance to join! Many times school librarians are isolated and do not have a professional learning network (see Linda Braun’s post on the topic), well why not join YALSA and have the support of 5K+ librarians around the country! I am constantly amazed at the amount of support and encouragement YALSA members have given to me and to others over the years. These blog posts are just one example of what YALSA can do for you – so consider joining or renewing today! Turn “30 Days of Back to School” into an entire school year of support!

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