Many of you, like me, have made a shift from one job to another this summer. Kudos to each of you who still managed to get their posts in during September. Me, I’m just now getting to my desk to write this. (I just now have a desk in my apt!!) During this transition, a few earworms have made their way in. I imagine others have found certain songs rolling around their brains this last month too. With Teen Read Week‘s theme being Books with Beat this year, and our blogmaster giving her students a weekly playlist, I thought it only fitting to put down some of the beats that have been in my head lately.

Here’s my playlist:

  1. Welcome to the Jungle – Guns ‘n Roses (this is pretty self explanatory, right?)
  2. Lost in the supermarket – The Clash (while I feel totally lost at times in this new school, I imagine the students feel this way sometimes in the library as well)
  3. Los Angeles, I’m yours – The Decemberists’ (sometimes we just have to surrender and give our new location everything we’ve got)
  4. Swagga like us – Kanye West, Jay-Z, T.I., Lil Wayne, MIA’ (I’d like to believe that it’s always me with the swagga, but usually it’s the students)
  5. Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ (a healthy dose of’ narcissism’ when no one familiar is around to give it to you)
  6. Wannabe – Spice Girls (how many times do you ask “what you do really really want” only to get a strange/indecipherable answer?)
  7. Bad romance – Lady Gaga (currently the queen of the earworm if its not one Gaga song in my head, it’s another)
  8. Furr – Blitzen Trapper (this song is totally makes me want to read books with werewolves in them)
  9. So Whatcha Want? – Beastie Boys (“tell me where’d you get your information from hun,” –clearly these boys know how to evaluate their sources)
  10. L.E.S. Artistes – Santogold’ (I’m in a new state with a new job, and that brings anxiety. ‘ Santogold makes me feel a bit better about all this transition.)
  11. Ghost of corporate futureRegina Spektor’ (great advice when feeling overwhelmed)
  12. Friday I’m in love – The Cure (the perfect reminder, especially on Mondays, that right, I love this job)

I’m not providing links to these songs because I figure as librarians, we all know how to do that pretty easily. I also know that if I were going to put this mix together, I might rearrange the order a bit. But I hope you can see the progression of chaos, confidence, confusion, and revelation that I think sums up the first month at my new job pretty clearly.

How did your September go? And what would you put on your playlist?

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Currently working as an Upper School librarian at an independent school in Rhode Island.

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