In this session, Pam Spencer Holley presented lists that she and co-author Julie Bartel (who was unable to attend) compiled for their book YALSA Annotated Book Lists for Every Teen Reader. Realizing that one of the biggest problems librarians have is finding the right books for a wide variety of teen readers, they looked to the YALSA-BK discussion list, reading through six years of archives and mining it for categories based on regularly asked questions.’  Bartel and Holley used recommendations offered by others on the listserv, adding newer titles if needed, and also winnowing down when their lists grew too large.

Each attendee was given a long list of recommendations in twelve categories, and Holley spoke briefly of every title listed, beginning each category by discussing the questions that prompted it.’  Some of the categories included were:

Other categories discussed were Adult Readers, Beyond Street Lit: Fiction for Urban Teens, Innocent Middle School Girls and Gentlemanly Boys, Punk Readers, Striving Readers (for 9th and 10th graders reading at 1st-4th grade levels), Fiction for Graphic Novel Lovers and Fiction for Manga Lovers.

This session was interesting and very helpful, arming attendees with a wide variety of suggestions for our teen readers.’  It ended with Pam Spencer Holley asking the audience to contribute our own suggestions on posters lining the walls, each bearing one of the categories discussed.

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