Platform: OS 4 devices
Cost: Free
The Marvel Comics App ‘ transforms reading comics into a kinesthetic experience.’ Unlike some apps which move through comics in a slideshow manner, moving from panel to panel, Marvel integrates pans and zooms into its navigation.
Marvel Comics App
The sense of moving with the comic, even from speech bubble to speech bubble within a single frame, may be either exhilarating or frustrating to experienced comics readers. A double-tap allows you to exit the navigation to more closely investigate a single panel.’ The motion-added aspect, allowing for seamless navigation across panels of various orientations and sizes,’ can help readers focus on the relevant areas on a smaller screen.

The app offers a selection of free comics, access to saved titles, and top 25 lists sorted by series, author, and genre. There is also an option to browse by series title, creator, genre, rating, storylines, and release date. An icon reflects whether you have read or are reading a particular issue, and you will return to the same place in the text when you reopen the application.

The range of titles available on the interface dates to the 1950s.’ Readers will need an email address to set up a account. A “Buy in print” option uses geolocation to suggest local comic shops. Accessing a free issue or downloading a paid version saves the file to your device for offline access.

The graphics are crisp and vibrant, especially on the iPad and 4G versions of the iPhone. Digital versions of Marvel’s free monthly sampler will also be a boon to collection development work.

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