I am pleased to announce that all selection committee appointments have been made for this year. (There will still be some award committee slots to fill after the election results in May.)

Many, many thanks to all the talented and dedicated YALSA members who submitted volunteer forms for selection committees. If you submitted a form, you should have heard from me: either an email inviting you to be on a committee, or an email telling you that there wasn’t a place for you this year.

If you got one of the latter emails, please don’t be discouraged, and please try again. There were just not enough slots for the number of people who applied. In the meantime, you can get valuable YALSA experience by volunteering to be on a YALSA process committee, task force, or jury. I will be making those appointments in the spring.

Also, don’t forget that if you are interested in an award committee, some of those include elected members. You can self-nominate or ask a colleague to nominate you by filling out the candidacy information form.

About Sarah Flowers

Sarah Flowers is a YALSA Past President and former Deputy County Librarian for the Santa Clara County (CA) Library. Currently she does writing and speaking on topics related to teen services and teaches online courses for California's Infopeople Project.

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