Title: Note to Self
Platform:’  iPod Touch, iPad,’  iPhone (requires IOS 3.2 or later)
Cost:’  ‘ $0.99

note to self image

screen shot for Note to Self

Why this app?’  I was forever a fan of sticky notes.’  Then, I used desktop stickies when they came along with the laptop.’  Now, though, I find myself using this app in several different types of situations.’  At a recent conference, there was no Internet access in the room and my little USB modem struggled to find a signal as well.’  I was desperate to tweet out things and so turned to NOTE TO SELF.‘  I composed the individual tweets and the app mailed them to me.’  It held the emails until I had a connection.’  They then were sent automatically and arrived in my inbox.’  After I got back online I was able to upload and send tweets easily.’  I use this app to send notes from meetings and workshops to myself as well as to others.’  ‘ ‘ With the new location feature, I can also send my current coordinates to myself.’  My husband, the photographer finds this feature especially useful in geocoding his work. Imagine using this on field experiences with students and/or patrons to record locations, too.

geocode function

geocoding with app


What are the other possible uses of this app for educators?’  I would begin with perhaps suggesting this is a great way to introduce quick notetaking skills. It underscores the value of not only taking cogent and concise notes, but of being able to find them.’  I know sometimes I use the old paper and pen method and then stick the notes somewhere “safe” where they might emerge days, weeks, months, later.’  ‘ 

I prefer this app to others as there are fewer keystrokes needed.’  That makes working on the smaller devices simpler for me, too.’  There are certainly other apps that fall in line with this productivity software app.’  ‘ As they apps evolve, there will be more bells and whistles.’  NOTE TO SELF does not need them to meet the need I have to record something quickly and send it to myself.

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