The agenda and supporting documents for YALSA’s Board of Directors meetings that will take place in January are now available on the YALSA website in the Governance section of the YALSA website. When you take a look at the documents you’ll see that the Board is preparing to have some interesting and important discussions related to many different project and initiatives.

‘ The agenda is divided into items the board will take action on and items the board will simply discuss.’  The Board plans to take action on the following:

  • Readers’ Choice list: the board is being asked to formally adopt the proposed policies and procedures for this new resource, which will launch in Feb.
  • Youth Participation document: the board is considering sunsetting this document and instead focusing on ensuring that youth participation principles are integrated into all of YALSA’s teen services guidelines
  • 2012 Midwinter Institute: the board will decide on a format and topic
  • Selected List Changes Evaluation: the board will decide on a method for evaluating the changes made to BBYA, Alex and Nonfiction back in January of 2010
  • Continuing Education Advisory Board: the board will explore the desirability of establishing a new group to support YALSA’s CE efforts
  • Nominating Committee Expansion: the board will consider a proposal to change the nominating committee structure where two separate committees would be established to focus on either candidates for award committees or governance positions
  • Past Presidents’ Lecture: the board is being asked to adopt procedures for recruiting, vetting and selecting lecturers
  • YALSA Writing Award: the board will consider a proposal to establish a writing award
  • Evaluation Tool: the board will review the final draft of the evaluation tool and consider formally adopting it

‘ Many other topics will be addressed as discussion items. YALSA members are encouraged to read through the documents the Board will be working with at their meetings.

All association Board meetings are open and members should feel free to attend. The Board agenda includes estimated times for each topic and you can use those as a way to gauge your attendance. (If there is a topic you want to make sure to hear the discussion on, you can determine when it will be discussed using the estimated times on the agenda.) Please note, the Board adopts the agenda with flexibility. That means that sometimes items on the agenda are moved and discussions might take place at a different time than anticipated.

I hope to see many YALSA members at our upcoming Board meetings, as well as at other events and programs!

Wishing you all the Merriest of Christmases and the Happiest of Holidays!’ 

Kim Patton,’ 
President, Young Adult Library Association

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