2 Thoughts on “28 Days of Teens and Tech #6: When you can’t keep up ;>)

  1. None of those work for our students: Google docs is blocked, as is email. I do, when I can, try to tell them to save items in .doc format, but that usually isn’t effective. Some students come in with .wps and a simple fix is to open it in Word but most don’t know that. Email is also blocked. We have students with Open Office at home, but no student ever remembers how to save as .doc. I have it on my computer, so I open many of them from here.

    Also, Zamzar.com is a great site for converting documents. The Guidance dept. makes their newsletters in Publisher, but very few parents have it on their computers, so they ask me to convert it and put it on the website as a PDF. You can also use Slideshare for those times when someone has done a presentation in Mac of which there is no converter for PPT. Slideshare can upload all of those formats, so the student can do their presentation from there.

  2. Karen Perry on February 9, 2011 at 7:02 pm said:

    Great ideas Bob. Sorry you have the blocking issues but you have created some good workarounds.

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