Title: Jot Not Pro‘ 

Platform:‘ Works with’ iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later and integrated camera for real functionality.

Cost: $0.99 (February release month special)

Anyone with a camera phone has likely done it — snapped a photo of a flyer or note for later consultation, instead of creating a text note with the virtual keyboard.’ ‘ The’ Jot Not app allows you to’ extract text’ scanned with’ your camera or from saved images, using’ the draggable graphing options to limit the scan to the applicable text.

Processing the files turns the captured text’ into a pdf or jpeg for email, faxing, printing, even ‘ integration with Evernote,’ but perhaps its most useful feature is the ability to transform captures into editable text, creating a Google doc for each file or set of files.

The OCR option facilitates’ transfer of’ captured text into an editable’ Google doc, with the original’ ‘ preserved just above for comparison. The export to Google docs option can be found after exiting the processed file and re-accessing it through the menu.

The OCR is a little buggy, and it seems not work with images captured from a computer screen, but Jot Not is a great’ tool for those seeking’ a paperless reality,’ both teens and the librarians who serve them. It can certainly limit the number of manual’ note-taking and photocopying for savvy searchers.

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