You’ve already been promoting Teen Tech Week for a few weeks now in order to gain interest in your library’s upcoming programs, and things should be all set and ready to go next week!’  But marketing shouldn’t stop here.’  There will be many opportunities during these programs to capture rich details to promote the success online or even to promote TTW next year.’  So consider recording your TTW programs by whatever means you have at-hand; digital camera, video camera, teen/staff testimonials, collecting program creations, etc.

For those with cameras (video or picture), you can ask a teen volunteer or other staff member to be a cameraperson to catch all activities while you run the program.’  The cameraperson could take a passive role by simply recording the program, or a more active role by interacting with teens or setting up a “testimonial” booth for attendees to share their thoughts on prepared questions.

Pictures are easily marketable through slideshows and Facebook or Flickr accounts while videos can be compiled and edited using tools like Windows Movie Maker that comes with most PCs, iMovie that comes on most Macs, or a free online editor like YouTube Video Editor.’  If possible, it would be ideal to find a tech-savvy teen in advance, or at the program, who might be willing to take this project on.

* If you do shoot video or take pictures, check with your administrators for media guidelines prior to your programs to ensure you are following rules and will be able to use your footage for future marketing purposes.

**One possibility to consider in order to cut down on the number of signatures you’d need to attain is to post signs at the entrance and throughout the space declaring “Your are entering a live public event area. By entering this area, you acknowledge that your voice, likeness or image may be recorded in audio, video, or photographic form, and you hereby consent to such recording.’  Your further grant (your library and its affiliate organizations – Friends, Foundation, etc) the right to publish, broadcast, or otherwise utilize any such recordings of your voice, likeness or image in any manner for any purpose in any media without restriction, including for advertising and trade purposes.”’  — or something of that nature.

About Teen Tech Week

Dawn Abron is the Teen Services Coordinator at the Zion-Benton Public Library in Zion, IL.

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