As you might have been seeing via emails, listervs, and in blog postings, YALSA is embarking on creating a new Strategic Plan to guide the organization and to better serve all its members.

However, in order to begin this process, YALSA needs your input!’  Take a few minutes to participate in the survey and share’ what you think’ YALSA’s priorities, goals, and interests for the future should be.’ 

Every activity, initiative, resource, and service that YALSA develops is determined by the goals and objectives of the Plan.’  Take a look at all the wonderful initiatives that have been created to meet the organization’s Research goal, and more importantly, the research needs of its members:

And, these are just’ a few of YALSA’s accomplishments in this goal area!’ ‘ It is’ crucial’ for YALSA to hear your wants and needs so that it can better serve you.’ ‘ Share your thoughts, opinions, and ideas via YALSA’s Online Survey. It takes online a few moments for you to make a tremendous impact! ‘ 


About Krista McKenzie

I am a Children's Specialist at the Ruth Enlow Library in Garrett County, Maryland. I work with kids from the ages of 0 to 18 and am also a reference librarian. In addition, I am member of the YALSA Legislative Committee, and the Children's Services Division of the Maryland Library Association.

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