Every day we read in the news about how libraries are facing more and more cuts; each day we read about another librarian losing his/her job or a school losing its librarians altogether.

As I see it, we have only two choices here:

1. We’  can sit by and watch it happen pretending that as long as we are somewhat ok in our districts that it isn’t’ our problem.’ or 2. We get proactive and start working together to advocate for our teens, our services, our libraries. What impacts one of us truly impacts us all!

In our communities, we are given many opportunities to share with others the importance of libraries and how necessary it is to continue funding them and the work that they do.

In fact, ALA is hosting National Library Legislative Day in Washington, D.C. on May 9-10 to allow us to go the Hill and explain to our Congressional members why we need them to continue funding libraries and help us become advocates for all that we do.

On this day, library supporters can meet face to face with their legislators and share their concerns and ideas. For those who are unable to travel to Washington, the day is used to present programs to the different’ communities and speak to local representatives about ways in which they can help.’ Supporters can also send messages and make phone calls to the Capital to get their voices heard.

But, when planning how exactly to advocate for libraries, one may ask “How do we get our legislators to listen and support what we are trying to say and do?”

To help library supporters all over get prepared to be advocates, ALA Washington Office is offering a FREE Webinar called “Advocating for Federal Legislation in Support of Libraries”‘ on March 30, 2011 from 5:00-6:00 EDT. This session will be filled with great tips and strategies to help library supporters become better advocates. For those who have never taken on the advocacy role, it will be an excellent session to get’ one started. For those who have been advocates, it will help to brush up on those skills or get some ideas before the big day.

To register, simply click on https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/817050579‘ and fill out the requested information.

Take a moment and register for this valuable webinar…we all know how much we need advocates; become one today! Each voice helps to fend off the budget cuts and allows us to continue to support and empower our communities. Sign on to be one of those voices!

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