Name:‘ ToonFX Paint

Platform: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

Cost: $1.99

For teens seeking a unique avatar’ or hoping to infuse their pictures with a little comic panache, ToonFX Paint offers a nearly foolproof way to enhance images from your camera roll.

Importing the image into the App’ transforms it into a Van Gogh-esque’ effect in gray scale, and a’ pallete enables you to match colors to the original or from a spectrum.


A series of sliders allows you to adjust the levels of abstraction, grayscale, and edges within the image. You use your finger to “paint” the color on the screen, and can zoom in, rather than adjusting the brush size, for a more granular negotiation of the image.

A “bomb” icon’ links to’ options to undo or clear the image, and you can save it to the camera roll, export to facebook’ and twitter, and email from within the app. The app also maintains your editing sessions so you can return to them later.

Teens used to more robust photo editing programs might find ToonFX’ Paint a little minimial, but for kinestheticly-oriented designers who seek a’ painterly effect, the experience of creating through the touch-screen will appeal.

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