Title: Crackle

Platform: iOS 4.0 or later

Cost: Free

Teens who want to watch a full-fledged flick on the go might have been limited without Netflix or Hulu Plus accounts, but Crackle offers a great alternative to catch up on full episodes of classic TV (Dr. Who!) and a large range of movies, including a small collection of anime.

As you browse, you can add items to a queue once you have created a user account, but neither an account nor wifi access is necessary to view video. One nice feature is the ability to resume watching wherever you left off. ‘ There are also the now-ubiquitous sharing options via facebook, twitter, and email.

The app is ad-supported, and that content seem mostly to be related to Battlefield 3 and other Electronic Arts products.’ Like Netflix’s Watch Now, titles roll in and off on a monthly basis, but there are lists to filter for content expiring this month as well as that recently added.

Two caveats: some reviews expressed concerned about the App using Location Services even when Crackle isn’t active, and the App download is intended to be ‘ limited to 17+ users because of the R-rated movie content.

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