Want to advocate for your libraries? Want the chance for your legislators to hear what you have to say on National Library Legislative Day? Not sure how to make this happen when you lack the funds to travel?

There is an answer! The American Library Association will be hosting a virtual NLLD for all those who want to give their support but are limited in their ability to travel to the capital. You can still be part of the effort by calling, emailing, or writing your representatives on’  May 10th or even the entire week of May 9-13.

To help you in getting your message crafted and to your elected officials, ALTAFF’  and I Love Libraries have set up, on their respective websites www.ala.org/altaff and www.ilovelibraries.org,’ informative talking points and’ links, contact information, and promotional materials.

Even if you can’t be a physical presence on Capital Hill on NLLD, you can still be a vocal one! Start accessing the resources today, and take this unique opportunity to have your voice heard! The more the better!

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