YALSA has announced the results of its election! In addition to electing candidates, all four bylaws measures passed:’  creating a membership category for non-salaried librarians, creating a membership category for young adult services advocates, changing dues rates’  for certain member categories, and reorganizing the nominating committee. For details, visit YALSA’s elections page. For results from ALA’s general election, please visit the ALA elections page.

Candidate results are as follows; bylaws details are after the jump. Thank you to all who ran for office this year!

YALSA President-Elect

Jack Martin

YALSA Fiscal Officer

Penny Johnson

YALSA Secretary

Sarajo Wentling

YALSA Board of Directors

3-year Term

Sandra Hughes-Hassell

Gail Tobin

Christian Zabriskie

Edwards Committee

Charli Osborne

Ed Spicer

Jamie Watson

Printz Committee

Louise Brueggemann

Sharon Grover

Sharon Rawlins

Sarah Bean Thompson

Nonfiction Committee

Ruth Allen

Angie Manfredi

Judy Nelson

Laura Pearle

Dues Categories and Changes’ and Bylaws Amendments

The following proposals involved changing YALSA’s dues and’ amending YALSA’s bylaws. All proposals were approved by YALSA membership:

Proposal to create a new dues category for non-salaried librarians

Approved; YALSA will establish a new discounted dues category of $25 for non-salaried librarians (defined as library workers who are unemployed or who earn less than $25,000 per year) and would be effective beginning Sept. 1, 2011.

Proposal to create’ a new dues category for young adult services advocates

Approved; YALSA will establish a new discounted dues category of $25 for advocates (defined as individuals who do not work in a library setting but who support young adult library services) effective beginning Sept. 1, 2011.

Proposal to increase dues rates for certain dues categories

Approved, YALSA will implement on Sept. 1, 2011, a dues increase from $50 to $60 for regular members, from $20 to $25 for retirees and student members, and from $60 to $70 for organizational and corporate members. These changes in the dues rate will benefit YALSA members, as it will enable YALSA to offer new member recognition awards and scholarships, increase the resources and support services delivered to members through the web and social media, provide more continuing education opportunities, including e-learning options, and expand YALSA’s efforts in the areas of advocacy and research.

Proposal to reorganize the nominating committee

Deletions shown as strike-through. Additions shown in brackets.

Bylaws, Article VIII, Section I

Prior to the Midwinter Meeting, the President-Elect shall appoint a [two] Nominating Committee[s] of five, [. One Committee will be responsible for preparing a slate of candidates who will run for YALSA Board positions and the other Committee will be responsible for preparing a slate of candidates who will run for YALSA Award Committee positions.] with one of the five having [One member of each committee will have] served on a recent Nominating Committee[.], with only The Immediate Past President being an [will be the only] appointee [on the governance committee] who is a current member of the Board [. Each committee will] arrange for a list of nominated candidates to be submitted by the following Midwinter Meeting. At the Midwinter Meeting the Nominating Committee[s] will be announced to the Board. The [governance] Nominating Committee shall present to the Board the names of at least two candidates for Vice-President/President-Elect, four candidates for Board directors-at-large, two candidates for Division Councilor (in appropriate years), two candidates for Fiscal Officer (in appropriate years), two candidates for Secretary (in appropriate years) and two candidates for each unexpired vacated position of Director-at-large, Councilor, Fiscal Officer or Secretary. The [award] Nominating Committee shall present to the Board the names of at least six candidates for the Margaret A. Edwards Award Committee, at least eight candidates for the Michael L. Printz Award Committee and at least eight candidates for the Nonfiction Award Committee. [Between October and February each year] the Nominating Committee[s] shall report its [their] nominations in the [an] Winter issue of YAttitudes [YALSA’s e-newsletter,] the YALSA website, and appropriate electronic lists.

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2 Thoughts on “YALSA 2011 Election Results

  1. I know several librarians and library employees that are losing their homes, yet YALSA gets their dues increase?

  2. Kelly Czarnecki on May 1, 2011 at 11:55 am said:

    Amber, I’m sorry about the librarians and library employees you know that are losing their homes. While I’m not losing my home, and things are tight for me too, I was a YALSA member that voted for the dues increase. It is my understanding that the dues will help benefit those members that need it most by increasing funds for scholarships as well as continuing education opportunities which will help those that are unable to travel to conferences. The amendments can be viewed here: http://bit.ly/jxMDpc.

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