Writing to your elected officials is one of the most simple and effective tools available to influence policy.

First, find your elected officials here.’ ‘ This link also provides a list of current library-related issues, and loads a pre-written letter. It is important to add personal details to the letter in order to make the greatest impact.

What are the issues?

In addition,’ ALA’s Washington Office provides up-to-the-minute information on the bills under consideration at the Legislative Action Center.

Writing the Letter

Tips on writing a letter, fax or e-mail can be found within the Advocacy University materials.

You can use this’ general sample letter asking for support for libraries, or take a look at’ this more specific’ sample letter posted by AASL.

Speaking up for Library Services to Teens,” a YALSA publication, has a section titled “Legislative Advocacy,” which includes a “Communicating with Elected Officials” subsection.

Even if you can spare only a few minutes, by using these resources you can focus the attention of your legislator on the crucial issues facing libraries today.



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