It is exciting! ALA Annual Conference 2011 is just a couple of weeks away. Everyone is getting excited and starting to make plans to meet friends and experience all the wonderful things that a city like New Orleans has to offer.’  There is something for everyone to enjoy in the “Big Easy.” Your trip will be memorable if you are cautious and use common sense when getting around the city. It would be helpful to print a map of the French Quarter and the Warehouse District before you go. Or, ask your hotel Concierge to give you one. Always keep in mind that most hotel and restaurant employees are really good people to ask for directions or recommendations. Police patrol the high tourist areas regularly and they will give you information, as well. You will want to have a planned route when heading out in the evening for dinner or other fun. Stay on well-lit streets and when in doubt, just catch a cab or streetcar. You can get maps to download at as well as information on the streetcar line. As always, be careful with purses, jewelry, laptops and cameras. Be safe and have fun.

~ Tammy DiBartolo

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