YALSA’s new strategic plan is on its way to taking shape after two very important sessions that took place during Annual Conference.’  On Friday, facilitator Alan Brickman led a YALSA Board workshop during which he guided conversations around the current mission statement asking how it should be updated. Then the group examined the current strategic plan, evaluating how YALSA has progressed towards accomplishing each goal in the time since the plan was developed.’ Board members prioritized the objectives and determined the lessons learned based on a pre-conference conversation about the member survey results and the perception of what goals and objectives should be YALSA’s focus for the next three to five years.

On Saturday,’  members had an opportunity to provide direct input.’  After an entertaining ice breaker, attendees were asked to work in small groups to identify YALSA’s strengths and weaknesses and report out their conclusions.’  They then chose six priorities among the 16 objectives in the current plan and identified those on which they were personally willing to work for the organization.’  After discussing the results, the meeting adjourned with many’  enthusiastic conversations about YALSA’s work and its future.

The next step will be for the Board, along with help from the Strategic Planning Committee,’ to compare the outcomes of the Board and member sessions and begin forming a draft.’  Look for a member comment period on the proposed draft this fall.’  After making necessary revisions, the plan’ should be in place to unveil in January 2012.

Thank you to all who have participated in the survey or planning session, and look for more opportunities to share your opinion this fall.

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