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YALSA Webinar: From 140 Characters to 10 Pages: Teens, Social Media and Information Literacy

Social media has altered the information landscape by expanding the flow of information from books, newspapers and journals to instant reports from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. From live video feeds of protests around the world, to regular updates from favorite YA authors via Twitter and Facebook, teens are regularly engaging with a broad spectrum of information. How can librarians help teens navigate through these information streams and learn to separate the wheat from the chaff?

Join Laura Pearle for a discussion on how school and public librarians can help their teens use social media for research projects. Laura will explore ways in which you can help your teens locate appropriate material in social media streams as well as determine the validity of the source material. Participants will learn how to create research focused Twitter hash tag lists for their students and how to assist their students in citing information from social media sources. Laura will also discuss how librarians can help teens become good digital citizens when contributing to social media streams. Join us for this important discussion!

This is the first in a two part series that explores social media in the library. Join us for part two of this series on September 15 at 2pm EST for a webinar on social media policy presented by Linda Braun.

YA Forum: Making the case through statistics
Librarians are frequently under pressure to demonstrate the value of the library and measure the library’s effectiveness, whether to their principal, school board, mayor or community. Join YALSA for a discussion on communicating through data. We’ll cover why collecting data is necessary and effective when communicating with directors/administrators, policy makers, and the public, and how it is something all librarians can do. We’ll show simple ways, such as the use of infographics, that you can communicate this data to your stakeholders. This discussion will be moderated by Priscille Dando, Head Librarian at Robert E. Lee High School in Virginia and Chair of the Strategic Planning committee.

The YA Forum is an online moderated discussion board for YALSA members, and is located in YALSA’s space on ALA Connect. The board opens on Monday June 6th at 10am EDT and closes on Friday June 10 at 3pm EDT. Members can join the conversation by logging into ALA Connect and choosing “YALSA” under “My ALA Groups,” then selecting “Discussions” on the upper right.

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