Title: Pocketbooth HD
Platform: Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with OS 4.3 or later (requires use of a forward-facing camera)
Cost: $0.99

Project Box released Pocketbooth HD back in March of 2011 and already updated to a new version in April. Pocketbooth HD is the perfect app for teens who love to share silly pictures of themselves and friends.

Unless you’re one of the lucky few, long gone are the days of photo booths in your local mall. I remember fondly the days of going to the mall with friends and cramming as many of us as we could into the small 6 by 4 foot booth, only to make ridiculous faces and ungodly teenage gestures.Those were the days. Photo booths have become such a novelty now that they are actually turning up in unlikely places and even making appearances at wedding receptions. Needless to say, they are fun!


A couple of weeks ago, I saw a group of teens in my library using this app to take pictures of three friends. When they were through, they simply uploaded the pictures to Facebook, which can easily be done right within the app itself. Posting to Facebook is only one of the cool features this app has to offer. When you’re ready to take a picture, go to the “Pose” button and get ready to flash a smile. To begin the photo shoot, press “Start” and the camera will will take four consecutive pictures, warning you between each new photo with a shutter flash accompanied by a red light. The photo strip can hold either three or four photos depending on how you set the preferences and can be adjusted in the settings option. Once you have your strip of photos, you can choose ways to share your photos by either emailing the photo strip, publishing to Facebook, sending to Twitter, saving to the camera roll, or printing the photo strip.

In addition to the sharing feature, one of the strengths of this app is the ability to choose strip size, photo effect, paper stock, border color, timing of shots, and use of either the front or back-facing camera. Pocketbooth HD is a fast and easy way to share mall- photo-booth-style pictures through all the social networks teens love. Check out the video demonstrating Pocketbooth HD for iPhone, here.

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