Title: Doodle Jump Deluxe

Platform: Nook Color, Android (iOS 1.5 or later), iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (iOS 3.0 or later), Blackberry (iOS 4.20 or later), Windows Phone 7

Cost: $2.99 (Nook Color, Windows Phone 7), $0.99 (Android, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Blackberry)

Doodle Jump DeluxeApp developer Lima Sky warns gamers that Doodle Jump Deluxe “is insanely addictive.” As just one of over ten million downloaders, I quickly became hooked. The concept is simple: bounce the Doodler up and earn points.’  Tilting the tablet or smart phone left or right helps the user propel the Doodler toward springy platforms to avoid “themed baddies.” Check out the official trailer to see the game in action.

Doodle Jump’s teen appeal exists on multiple levels. Doodle-like illustrations on graph paper add charm, and the different themes (e.g. space, jungle, winter, etc.) and levels keeps the app fresh even after hours of play.’  The ability to compete against up to seven other players also adds a social component.

Unfortunately, the multi-player option is only available “locally” on most platforms. To compete with other gamers, the challengers must pass the tablet or smart phone back and forth. The option to race competitors through simultaneous play is available via Game Center for Apple devices.

Despite the limited multi-player functionality, libraries could easily host Doodle Jump competitions or tournaments. The fact that Doodle Jump will soon be available for Xbox Kinect makes this fun game even more accessible for libraries. Doodle Jump projected on a screen will undoubtedly increase friendly competition and work well with existing teen programs and game days.

About Rebekah Kamp

Rebekah works as the Youth Services Librarian at the Belgrade Community Library. She enjoys designing innovative programming for children and teens. When not at the library, Rebekah is an outdoor enthusiast who loves spending time with her children camping, hiking, and exploring in Montana.

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