With summer reading coming to a close, you might have room on your bulletin boards and display fixtures for something new. Why not get ready to Picture It @ Your Library? Creating displays have always been a great way to promote Teen Read Week, and can boost your circulation tremendously! This year’s theme naturally lends itself to a visual representation, so what’s holding you back?

Looking for Teen Read Week display inspiration?’  Enjoy these “picture perfect” ideas!

  • Feature art, drawing, photography, and videography books from the nonfiction section. If you know some teen artists who are willing, you can display teen art and photography alongside the books.
  • Feature a display of “The Best of the Best” books for teens using YALSA’s awesome free marketing materials. Encourage them to vote for the Teens’ Top 10, and highlight the winners!
  • ‘ Frame your favorite book covers, or cover faded and bland covers with blank paper and have your teens redesign them.
  • Pair books with their movie counter parts, and set out popcorn buckets. You could take it one step further and create Oscar-style ballots with votes for their favorite book adaptations, favorite character portrayals, and cinematic settings.
  • Create READ posters of your ‘ teens. If you’re at a school, try capturing school sports teams or extracurricular clubs holding books! You could also display pictures of teens reading, or with book faces. Display the books in the pictures, or books recommended by the teens in the photos.

I’m sure you can come up with many other Teen Read Week display ideas as well, and you can always view or join the book display pool on Flickr.’  Please share your own creative display ideas in the comments!

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