So, your library (or your school) has all sorts of wonderful programs, book displays, lists of recommended reading and media, contests, and teen involvement geared up for Teen Read Week in October — you know it, and some of your more observant library users know it, but how can you let everyone else know about it, too?! Here are some tips:

1. Talk about it!

Make sure your CO-WORKERS all know and understand what you have planned, so that they can both answer questions about upcoming events, and so that they can help spread the word. Some of our front-line staff members are better at getting the word out than we are. Make sure your TEENS know by fitting in a mention of TRW in casual conversations — “Hey, did you know…?” Add all of your program announcements, book trailers, and event teasers to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Word-of-mouth among teens is the best way to ensure participation and attendance. Make sure your COMMUNITY hears about all that the library has planned for TRW by emailing or calling local schools, local press, and other local libraries and colleagues. Download the TRW PSAs and spread the word: ttp://

2. Write about it!

YALSA has a ton of sample press materials that can be used to help promote all aspects of Teen Read Week on the TRW Publicity webpage. Take advantage of these incredibly useful tools:

3. Picture it!

Put up posters and program signs in areas of the library teens are likely to hang around in — including near computers, group study spaces, by the front door to the Teen Room or the library building, and in the bathrooms! Display any teen-designed artwork prominently, whether it was created for promotional purposes or as part of a library-sponsored TRW contest (past or current – hey, why not!). Displays are also an integral component of promotion, and great display ideas were already discussed on this blog to steal and use ( Highlight materials that are related to this year’s Picture It theme, or display the titles of the Teens’ Top Ten nominations.

How are you publicizing and promoting Teen Read Week in your school and/or public library? Leave a comment and let everyone know!

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