Finding new programming ideas for teens is tough, particularly when it comes to crafts.’  With them, the trends are changing so fast.’  I started to plan my Breaking Dawn party, only to find myself made fun of by most of my teens.’  Apparently, Twilight is over at my library.’  I was really excited to play Pin the Tail on Jacob, too.’  Then, I don’t know if this craft is good for boys and girls or if it’s too “babyish”.’  I have tried asking the kids for ideas, but, for the most part, I get the standard teen “I don’t know…” response.’  So what’s a teen librarian to do?’  Here are the options I have found.

  1. ‘ Listservs: are a godsend, especially YA-YAAC when it comes to programming and crafts.’ ‘  Someone on that list will have tried whatever you are thinking of and tell you how it worked out.’  All you librarians are a great sounding board for ideas and sometimes I check my email and think about how genius you all are.’  Plus, there is a circulating list of all the great YA programming sites, such as the4YA and Abby the Librarian (Not me, an even cooler Abby).
  2. ‘’  Most of you have already found this website, I’m sure.’  I am on this thing daily.’  It is chock-full of easy ways to make crafts and fun things to do to entertain yourself’  or your patrons.’  It puts all of your favorite ideas (and everyone else’s) on to one easy-to-use website, with links back to the original sites.’  It’s a beautiful thing.’  Plus, it’s great for stress relief, because lots of people “pin” pretty clothes and cute dogs, too.
  3. Design*Sponge:’  Mostly aimed at adults, this website has tons of awesome DIY that you can cater to your teens.’  I tried the clothespin mirror myself and it was really easy and really cheap.’  And again, lots of pretty other things to look at to de-stress.’  Or stress, because you can’t afford that gorgeous $300 blanket from Malaysia.

It is really amazing how much is out there, now that I have started looking.’  Again, I think you all are the best resources, so emailing each other for more websites (since I am sure there are quite a few I missed) and ideas will probably give you more crafts than you ever needed.

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