Curious about how to integrate QR codes into your library? Join Jennifer Velasquez, Teen Services Librarian at the San Antonio Public Library, for a discussion of QR codes. Learn how any librarian, from the tech-novice to the tech-guru, can start using QR codes in the library at no cost.

Participants will learn

  • How QR codes work and where to find programs that will create QR codes for free
  • How to incorporate QR codes into existing programming and build new programming using QR codes
  • How to use QR codes to present and market programming at their library
  • How QR codes can be used to build bridges between teen created content and print and digital material in the library.

Register today! This webinar occurs on Thursday, October 20 at 2pm Eastern. Registration costs $29 for students, $39 for individual YALSA members, $49 for all other individuals, and $195 for group registrations. YALSA’s group rate applies to a group of people that will watch the webinar together in one location.

About Eve Gaus

Eve Gaus is the program officer for continuing education at YALSA.

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