I recently held a program for teens called “Library of the Living Dead” at Grafton-Midview Public Library, located in Grafton, OH.’  I had the idea for the program a few months ago; I wanted to teach the teens Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dance.’  I had learned the dance myself on a cruise and had so much fun I thought the teens would love it too!’  I decided to tie it in with Halloween since the music video features zombies.’  I found a local professional makeup artist that works at the haunted houses in the Cleveland area to come and do zombie makeup on the teens as well.

I ended up having 31 teens at the program, which is a great turnout for our Library.’  Not only did they love getting bloody gore and makeup on their face, they absolutely loved learning the dance!’  It was hard to teach the dance in only an hour, but by the end I think they really got the hang of it.’  We recorded it on a FlipCam and posted it on the Library’s Facebook page for everyone to see.’  I highly recommend this program for other librarians working with teens.’  It is easy to find instructional videos to learn the “Thriller” dance on YouTube, and also to find a local person to come do the zombie makeup.’  It was fairly low-cost, and the turnout was incredible!’  I will definitely try repeating this program again next year after the feedback I received from my teens!

Posted on behalf of Lesley Lard, Teen Services Librarian

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I'm the librarian at Holliston High School, a bit west of Boston. In my spare time I advise my school's yearbook and Gay Straight Alliance, write about food, and root for the Red Sox.

3 Thoughts on “Library of the Living Dead

  1. Maggie H on October 17, 2011 at 11:16 am said:

    Looks like the teens had a blast! I’ve been toying with the idea of a dance night … teaching the teens to Dougie, Wobble, Thriller and so on. Did you use a video to help teach them? Thanks.

  2. Hi, Lesley! We’re thinking of hosting a Zombie Prom for the teens this summer and the thriller dance would be a great addition to that. The idea of video taping them and posting on youtube would be fun. Do you have all the teens have permission slips signed to do so or ??? THANKS!

  3. Hi Maggie! Sorry I didn’t respond in a more timely manner, but to answer your question, yes, I did use a video to help teach the Thriller dance. I don’t know if you would need it for something simpler like the Dougie or Wobble, but for Thriller I needed it for backup in case I forgot!

    Hi Amy! I have permission slips from all of my teens for photography, which also includes website and online photos. Since it was a group shot, usually it doesn’t matter as much as an individual featured in a video. If you are worried that parents might not want their child included, then yes, I would have permission slips.

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